Brajan Brković – When there are no institutions, there is a street


Brajan Brković is a young environmental activist living in Novi Sad, currently fighting for the preservation of Šodroš, a part of Novi Sad that is endangered along with all the living things that live in it. In Serbia, in a short time, Brian managed to touch on important topics and thereby annoy investors and therefore the local authorities, which often brings him to the front pages of tabloids with labeling and messages directly directed against both him and all other activists in Serbia. joint struggle for the preservation of nature.

The paw of the investor who intended to turn this oasis of nature into a concrete settlement next to the new bridge has approached Sodroš and it is a matter of time when the arrival of mechanization will happen with police forces that will provide them in violation of the law.

“We cannot play within those frameworks – you disrespect the law, and we would like you to disrespect it a little less – I guess we strive for a society in which all laws will be respected and there will be no concessions to private capital and greedy investors and which will bring equality and to protect society from lack of power. It seems that citizens are only there to vote on election day and don’t ask about anything beyond that, that’s why we on the activist side are pinned against a wall that we will have to tear down.”

Brian explains to us that the demolition of the wall would mean that the citizens have exhausted all forms of institutional struggle and that the only thing left to fight is the street, which does not show the functionality of the state, but the opposite.

“Each of us has our own life and responsibilities. Few of us have the time to invest all our capacities in these types of activism and struggle. Even those who would have the time remain restrained because they feel fear for their work and family. it shows that we as activists are fighting giants who do not care about people’s interests and that must be put to an end using all means.”

The reaction of the institutions to the camp they made in the endangered forest was never direct, and Brian says that one can see the different approach of the institutions according to the levels of pressure that the activists exerted.

“The Reaki institution has never been direct. The conclusion we have is that they absolutely ignore any kind of activism from the citizens, however, when the camp entered the third week they realized that this community will not be extinguished easily, we had their first reaction. Antić, the director of the corridor then admits to us that they made a procedural mistake and that they cut down the forest in Šodros. We saw that then the pressure bore fruit, and they leave us no room to call any victory that way.”

Brian is confident that the victory of activists and citizens is the only choice, and that means that Šodros, as well as any endangered area, will be preserved from now on, because the citizens have woken up and realize that they will not allow anyone to destroy the nature and beauty that surrounds us. surrounds and remains behind us.


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